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FAST TRACK TEFL Certificate is the fastest way to gain you TEFL Certificate and start your career as an international TEFL teacher. FAST TRACK TEFL Certificate is designed for those who are confident in their English language and teaching skills. If you already have an English teaching job offer and need to gain your TEFL certification quickly to satisfy visa requirements at your new school, FAST TRACK TEFL Certificate is the best choice to launch you into the international classroom.

FAST TRACK TEFL Certificate removes the taught elements of TEFL training and allows you to progress directly to the TCT (TEFL Certificate Test). Because this is an exam only programme, CCPED recommends you take the FAST TRACK TEFL Certificate if you are confident in your understanding of English and ability to teach. If you would like to start from the start, CCPED offers a 60hour free online TEFL course that will take you from novice to pro. However, if you’re already a pro and just need to prove it, FAST TRACK TEFL Certificate is for you.

By successfully completing FAST TRACK you will demonstrate your ability to teach English overseas. Through FAST TRACK you will demonstrate;

  • knowledge of classroom management, learning strategies and international teaching
  • understanding of different teaching methods and their application to meet diverse learner needs
  • professional knowledge of English grammar and the capability to educate language learners on such concepts in a relatable manner

On the next page you’ll be asked to register to the CCPED website so you can sit the TEFL Certificate Test. Registering for the website is where you will provide the details for your certificate should you be successful. Following registration you will be given instructions on how to complete the exam. Now, let’s move on to registration and pre-exam info.

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